Artist Philipp Weber tells the stories that move him, using a hyperrealist style. Realism, pop, composition and an attempt to find an inner truth determine the artist's approach, which places women at the heart of his cyclical works. Like Mel Ramos, Philipp Weber depicts the artificiality and the clich駸 of the fashion and advertising world. His young women pose as if for a photo shoot for a glossy magazine, providing a blank canvas for men's dreams, thus picking up on a traditional artistic theme. But Philipp Weber shows more than that: he brings his models to life, releasing them from the artificiality and rigidity of the master image, going under their skin, exposing irregularities in apparent perfection and revealing aspirations and great dreams.



5 paintings, oil on canvas 2001-2003

Strandelfen - Sharina und Juliane
2001 oil on canvas / テ僕 auf Leinwand, 120x240 cm
Strandelfen - Sharina 2
2002 oil on canvas / テ僕 auf Leinwand, 90x140 cm
Strandelfen - Juliane
2002 oil on canvas / テ僕 auf Leinwand, 210x170 cm
Strandelfen - Sharina und Juliane 2
2002/2003 oil on canvas / テ僕 auf Leinwand, 140x230 cm
Strandelfen - Sharina
2002 oil on canvas / テ僕 auf Leinwand, 140x190 cm