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Free of financial, creative, and time constraints. Working with the IBEX Collection (more at www.ibex-masters.com) in order to create my personal Masterpiece with unlimited time, financial, and creative constraints. 20 of the best contemporary realist figurative artists were chosen for this project, and Masterpieces will begin to be shown globally in 2020.


Hyundai Motor Company has linked up with hyper realistic artist, Philipp Weber, to produce a unique series of pictures depicting the company’s luxury flagship sedan, the new 2014 Centennial. The advertisement, which was shot in Berlin, Germany, shows the process by which Weber recreated key aspects of the Centennial through a series of seven paintings. Set to the soft tone of piano and string instruments, it concludes with an overlap between Weber’s paintings and the actual Centennial. It is currently being shown on a number of TV channels in the Middle East. German-born Weber is a world-renowned artist in a new genre of painting called hyper-realism. Normally he specialises in depicting humans, which are considered the most difficult subjects to paint realistically. With his signature style, Weber created seven paintings of the New 2014 Centennial conveying a sense of realism that can only be matched by photography, it said.