Artist Philipp Weber tells the stories that move him, using a hyperrealist style. Realism, pop, composition and an attempt to find an inner truth determine the artist's approach, which places women at the heart of his cyclical works. Like Mel Ramos, Philipp Weber depicts the artificiality and the clichťs of the fashion and advertising world. His young women pose as if for a photo shoot for a glossy magazine, providing a blank canvas for men's dreams, thus picking up on a traditional artistic theme. But Philipp Weber shows more than that: he brings his models to life, releasing them from the artificiality and rigidity of the master image, going under their skin, exposing irregularities in apparent perfection and revealing aspirations and great dreams.



Martin Stather

From a somewhat elevated position three young women regard the observer. They are seated on a felled tree against a woodland background. The figure seated in the middle regards us frontally, her torso turned slightly. The woman on the left sits sideways holding a taut crossbow. The third woman on the right is likewise seated sideways with a longbow in her hand. ... read more


Ulrich Gering

160 x 220 cm painting area, primed, virtually blank, only the outlines indicate where the painting adventure is destined. The first layers of the underpainting form the basis. With finest brush the picture is built up centimeter by centimeter. Layer overlaps layer, fragmentary areas evolve into identi- fiable details; the overall form becomes gradually visible. ... read more


Regina Bärthel

Female clichés feature strongly in Philipp Weber's painting: the fairytale-like (Princesses), the football fan jollifying (Cheerleaders), the inapproachable (The Hunt) and the theatrical (Red Sunset). Concurrently his work generates areas of tension between reality and the artificiality, staging and identity.. ... read more