Philipp Weber
Born In Rostock, Germany 1974
Lives And Works In Kassel And Berlin, Germany
1996 – 2000 Academy Of Fine Arts, Kassel, Germany
2000 – 2002 University Of The Arts, Berlin, Germany
Philipp looks for inner truth in those he paints. He paints beautiful women in traditional magazine poses, empty fodder for men’s dreams, portraying them in ways that bring not empty perfection to life, but the minor imperfections and deeply human stories. An incredibly skilled artist, Philipp has forged a clear artistic progression throughout his career. Interestingly he is an equally skilled drawer and painter.
Despite his stern appearance, Philipp is fun to be around. Philipp’s preferred reading genre is fiction and his studio is littered with audio books he listens to while painting. He now has two assistants to pass his expertise and experience onto, which also makes his long working days in his spacious atelier more companionable.
Philipp’s inspiration comes from movies, books, travel, fellow artists and creative folks, and above all people’s personal stories about their lives, revealing aspirations and dreams that go beyond any flawless skin or fancy facades.
“My pictures are about life and death, despair and hope, the photos for the series I am currently working on were shot in Iceland. Nature and the element of water again play a role, as does tragedy and inner strength,”
Philipp told fellow hyperrealist painter Anna Wypych in December 2018.