For me, superrealism does not mean maximising details, but rather maximising feeling.

Looking behind the facade

Using superrealistic painting techniques, Philipp Weber presents beautiful young women in different contexts. The large-format paintings make use of the aesthetics of glossy magazines, but their meaning lies in what is not staged. It is the view beneath the brilliant surface under which the range of human emotions and inner truths emerge: life and death, wishes and fears, loyalty and betrayal.

It's in the details

The physical expressiveness of the sitter is enhanced by motifs from art history and popular culture, the symbolism of Christianity as well as other religions, but also by elementary carriers of meaning such as water as a symbol of life. Philipp Weber’s paintings open wide spaces of thought and sensation for existential questions.


The artistic talent of Philipp, born in Rostock, Germany, in 1974, was discovered and intensively promoted in his childhood. Weber began his studies in Kassel and then moved to the University of the Arts in Berlin, where he graduated with his masters. His work is represented in exhibitions around the world as well as at well-known trade fairs and is met with widespread interest.


He appeared in 2013 as a protagonist in a lavish complex commercial for the automobile company “Hyundai” and was part of the Master program of the IBEX Collection from 2015 to 2017.

In the meantime, Philipp Weber has developed in terms of content and technique a unique, individual signature style. His sources of inspiration are literature and film work by fellow artists, but especially very personal experiences, wishes and dreams of people close to him form are his sources of inspiration.


Based on these impressions and narratives stories, Weber develops series which combine the paintings like film stills to form entire dramaturges.