The Dew Series

2015 – 2020

Morning dew

The Gift

Promised Hand



The Fury

These enigmatic works throw us into a scene of a story unknown and unexplained to us, and our interpretation or imagination will depend on our personality, patterns, and mood at the moment we view this piece of art.


The painting “Morning Dew” is ambiguous: is the woman lying down after a night of partying? Was it her wedding day? Why is she lying on the ground? A car accident? Was she the victim of a fatal act of violence? Was she punched by someone? By whom? Is this woman alive or dead?In his works, revolving around life and death, despair and hope, tragedy and inner strength, this hyperrealist and ultracontemporary artist typically challenges viewers with puzzling scenes, presented in sharp and ‘documentary’ detail, that make us aware of the stories we carry with us and which we try to project onto the scene to complete it.


Thus, the work triggers our metacognition and heightens our awareness of the stories that live inside us and in our communities and societies.