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The Hidden

2019/2020 – Oil on canvas – 180 x 280 cm (70.8 x 110 in)

The queen and her lady-in-waiting are on the run through cold and barren landscapes. In this beautiful and engaging painting, each woman cries out for warmth and protection. They have escaped their pursuers, but now they need to rest, their protection is fleeting.

In Philipp’s version of this story the focus, quite literally, tells us more. The queen, although clearly in the foreground, is slightly blurred. She also appears afraid and helpless. The focus is on the lady-in-waiting, who exudes strength and steadfastness.

Both women are crowned with gold which symbolizes wealth, power and light. The shining rubies in the crown and diadem are the stones of life and love. They point to blood and danger, but also to protection and healing.


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