The Queen Series

2019 – 2022

Lady in waiting


Rest on the run

The hidden

In his series “The Queen Philipp Weber treats the primal fears of human beings: prosecution and loss of home and life. On first sight it is a fairytale of love, fear, and faith, shown in beautifully painted paintings. But the splendid surfaces soon show a crack, because as in all fairy tales there is a quintessence of truthfulness: These two women are displaced persons, they lost their home because they had to escape some mortal danger. And yet they stand together in true friendship and faithfulness. The story takes place in the barren landscape of Iceland, that stands for threat and loneliness, but also for nature’s power, its silence and concentration. The water, in turn, is one of the basic elements of existence: it is the epitome of life and renewal, purification and forgiveness, grace and hope and thus a main symbol of faith and redemption.